A World Premiere by Dan Caffrey, directed by Aaron Henrickson

March 27-April 20, 2014

A co-production with Tympanic Theatre Company, this new psycho-Western explores humankind’s penchant for committing crimes against nature for selfish gain.




When a young man blazes a trail of blood and destruction throughout the American West, his father embarks on a quest to stop him.  But as he makes his way through the ghost towns his son has visited, he questions how evil the boy’s intentions truly are, and if his terrible acts are somehow bringing him closer to humanity.  Exploring the genetic inheritance of sin and violence, this true Western with elements of the fantastical is being produced in collaboration with the side project.

This will be the fourth collaboration between writer Dan Caffrey and director Aaron Henrickson, and the first collaboration between Tympanic Theatre Company and the side project