Sandalwood Reviews


“…a focused production, restrained to a handful of scenes backed by a continuous soundscape… Tympanic maintains precise control of Sandalwood’s strangeness ”

-Kevin Thomas, TimeOut Chicago






“…Director Aaron Henrickson’s staging makes the most of the small side project stage; his use of Dustin Pettigrew’s Western exoskeleton set is inventive.”

-Lisa Buscani, NewCity Chicago


“I left the theater more than a bit unsettled…The staging of Sandalwood is good and Dustin Pettigrew’s set is wonderfully claustrophobic in portraying the open and empty Wild West. The bleached out wood and dark hues resemble a painting with dissolute characters moving through the scenery. The music by Maxwell Shults is an existential aural dream. I can hear the tumbleweeds and see the sun beached skulls listening to his music…. It’s an interesting and sometimes chilling 80 minutes. I have to give credit to Caffrey for creating a story that has room for dissection”

-Kat Hey, ChicagoTheatre Beat